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I am a freelance DJ/Producer & Visual Artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada performing under the stage name HedSnap.

From my earliest memories music has been a constant in my life with much of my early influences guided by my parent's vinyl collection of classical and 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's tunes.   Mixing bootleg tapes off the radio in grade school graduated into utilizing production and audio editing software by high school to create edits and remixes for friends with my own unique brand of artwork.  Music, technology and art were all instrumental in my early childhood and it’s influences are evident in the original pieces I play and way I push, pull and piece various compositions of sound together when creating a set and accompanying visuals and lighting.


After establishing my career my passion for music was reignited and along with it my lifelong dream to perform in front of a live audience. Every time I play its with the intention to create a memorable experience for guests and everyone attending your event.  I'll take you through time, help relive memories, and create new ones whether it's on the dance floor or your relaxing catching up with old friends.  For myself DJing provides me a great gift to bring people together and make a good night a memorable one with music.

Regardless if the event is for a small family get together or a party of your five hundred closest friends I try to weave my passion for original tracks, covers, and remixes into the event.  My goal is to fuse the hosts vision with my own into a seamless blend and break new ground for guests who may be listening to a track the first time or hearing it in a new light.  Whether I’m nudging a 12" piece of vinyl on a turntable or manipulating various drums, synths, or vocals to create essentially a new track it’s all towards reaching out to my listeners and making them ‘feel the music’.