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 At it's core...

April 27, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

Well over a month since I've checked in so I can't quite say it's been a weekly blog but as I sit at my desk on a Saturday it hasn't been because I've been sitting back watch television.  I'm prepping for wedding season and my very first one in a couple of months no less.  In between a very busy time at my regular desk job I've been burning the midnight oil getting things ready in terms of setup and general practice.

Yesterday I spent a good 8 hours combing over my library and building a solid set for reception music.  I know that for some building an events business allows them to step away from actually playing out but I enjoy building that relationship with the crowd and sharing in that awe when that track drops with just the right pop and your transformed to being both in the moment and reliving all the great memories that song has brought before along with that energy.

Sitting there listening to music, tapping my fingers and swaying my head back and forth did all that and reminded me why I do what i do.  Music is uplifting, energizing, inspiring and allows for everyone to share an unspoken but clear, pure and unfiltered moment of enjoyment.

At its core...I love music.  I love mixing music.  I love making music.  Most of all, I love sharing in that music with others :)

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 My dream is dead...

March 5, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

Last night I was watching Joe Rogan's podcast with special guest Dr. Phil.  If your unfamiliar with Dr. Phil he rose to fame after appearing on Oprah and he's since helped hundreds of guests try to work through their issues and reach their potential.  In the podcast Dr. Phil discusses how everyone has a dream and the difference between success and failure is planning and accountability.  People will often spout how they want to lose weight, stop smoking, further their education, get a promotion, etc. but without concrete steps and a way to hold themselves accountable that dream remains just that...a dream.

Honestly and objectively looking at yourself and what you've done to reach your dreams and actually doing (and completing) things that will move the needle to get you to the next step is critical. 

Yesterday my dream died, today it turned into a goal. 

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

  Hustle 24/7 vs. 9-5...

January 15, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

Happy New Year!  It's been a long stretch away from social media and while its been extremely busy with work and family its time I get back on my horse for 2019.  I had a great discussion with a friend at work about the struggle of working 9-5 and reiterating that I'd rather hustle 24/7 and live my passion.  Don't get me wrong in that I hate what I do but owning your own business and doing something that fulfills you is infinitely more worthwhile.

These last two months have made me realize that all the late nights, all the sweat, all the tasks that seem small are all part of a larger plan.  I mentioned it on Facebook that for this year 'mental toughness' was my goal.  It's about doing the things that you don't want to do and sticking it out in order to succeed and achieve greatness instead of settling for mediocrity.

I'd rather hustle 24/7 then slave 9-5!

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.


November 6, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

While I've been silent on social media the past couple of weeks it has been a very productive time in terms of setting up 'Elevate Entertainment' for success.  I've reached my goal of booking three weddings for next year while turning down a couple that weren't the right fit.  Sometimes trusting your gut instinct and taking the hit in the short term sets you up for long-term viability.  I am also in the process of negotiating a JV with a local company launching an events platform so I am definitely making inroads into the industry and extending my list of contacts.

I am also in the midst of a long upgrade and a host of large projects in my day job which has kept me hopping.  Saddle in some very happy days spending time with the family and working the midnight oil on my events business means I have left my weekly FB posts and the like off to the way side.  I will likely be somewhat quiet for the rest of 2018 while I do a lot of behind the scenes setup but I anticipate that 2019 will be quite busy and you'll see me posting content more regularly throughout the year and finally getting around to doing things like gig logs and posting mixes.

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.


October 23rd, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

We'll I booked my first wedding and I am beyond excited.  I am expecting a few more to close shortly in the next week and that should cover my summer for next year.  When I first started on my journey to becoming a DJ it was to learn the art and then it became a matter of playing in front of people and to now building a mobile business.

For me music means turning on a light, opening up the world in new ways and feeling alive.  Whether I'm listening to it, creating it, or playing it I feel complete.  The progress I've made over the past few years and since the beginning of 2018 when I decided to commit has both been a learning experience and I have enjoyed the journey - through all the ups and downs - and continue to progress.

When I touch base next week I hope to have more good news and confirm I've booked my goal of three weddings for next year.

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 Dipping my toe...

October 16th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

Facebook gladly took my money for my advert last week and according to its stats reach ~600 persons in my audience.  While there was some 'engagement' I'm still not sold if this was a good investment as I didn't have anyone contact me but it was a good learning experience and I may try it later down the road.  I'm happy to say that after re-posting my promotional offer on a number of multiple Facebook groups that I had four inquiries and have booked four meetings in the coming days.  I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to book my three weddings for 2019 and hopefully have another few bite on top top of that.  
All of this is encouraging and am looking forward to sketching out my route when I hit the pavement for wedding vendors and do a little guerrilla marketing.

Five weeks to go until playing the 'Taste of Home' at the Westin and I have started laying out my gear and playlist.  After a great session with SandmanMC this weekend he's given me some great ideas on how to pace the event during the reception.  I was originally going to play a very light and standard set of background music but after further thought I think this event is a great canvas to try things out for future weddings next year and showcase my musical taste and skills.

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.


October 9th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!

The goal this month is a big push in advertising to brand ?Elevate Entertainment? and identify opportunities for corporate events and weddings.  I signed up for a large number of Facebook groups that involve some aspect of weddings whether that be a buy/sell, vendors, or information with the intention to do weekly advertisements if possible.  Another step I took was my first paid Facebook advertisement by boosting a post that displayed my video business card.  I have reached out to a couple of hotels to look at possibly booking some time to capture pictures of my setup and offset the cost by spinning for them.  Finally, while its cold outside I will be looking at pounding the pavement next week and trying to make some contacts for wedding vendors such as stores selling bridal gowns and accessories.  I will take the same approach and see if I can play for a couple of hours and talk to some newly engaged ladies about my services.


This will be a short entry today but in case you were following my blog my PA system is still available and my studio (while closer) is still in flux.

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.


October 2nd, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!


Brrr...what a way to start off October!


Today I confirmed a booking for the 'Taste of Home' at the Westin Hotel in support of the RMHSA.  I am super pumped and honored that I was asked to play.  It is by far the most high profile event I will have played and I've already started outlining plans to prepare for the night.  On the flip side it's been silent as far as the fundraiser for the CBS and so I've let that go.  This would have been a great event to do as well as it seems to have moved to the Bank and Baron but alas it doesn't appear it was meant to be.


If you've followed my blog you might have caught that I've purged and turned over a large portion of my gear in the last year.  In my rush to build and empire (lol) I made the mistake of buying items that afforded me flexibility but didn't necessarily offer a return.  I've decided to purge the majority of my PA.  I've listed all four of my QSC speakers and all four of my EV subwoofers leaving me just a pair of EV speakers that I recently traded for against a pair of Traktor D2s.  If I am able to find buyers I will be moving to a pair of Evolve 50 which honestly covers the majority of events I would want to do for corporate events and weddings up to 200 people.  For those events requiring additional bass reinforcement I will rent 1-2 subs which I don't foresee being very many.  Aside for the more streamlined and classy look I will be able to setup and break down quicker and more importantly have to lift less.

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 'The BEAT goes ON'...

September 25th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!


I believe this entry marks a full month of weekly blogs (hooray for me!).


This was an interesting week in that the CBS fundraiser is up in the air after the vendor apparently got ?cold feet? and backed out of hosting the event.  My contact has advised they are now looking for a new locale and hopefully they are able to source a new venue, so they can support such a great service.  This also poses a question mark for the residency which is something I?ll have to follow-up with.


Speaking of charities, more specifically my charity of choice the RMHSA has gauged my interest in DJing the ?Taste of Home?.  This event like the ?Hustle for the House? is one of their signature events during the year which is held at the Westin downtown.  I am honored that I was considered to play this event and this would be a real feather in my cap, so hopefully I?ll have more good news regarding this opportunity in the new few weeks.


Last night also marked a large ?lessons learned? moment in that I found that for the past two weeks I have not been received form submissions from my HedSnap.com website to my gmail.  There were a handful of requests at least a couple of weeks old so I am quite disappointed that I did not go in and manually scan my inbox.  I have been hesitant to setup a mail client to pull in all my emails, but this incident calls for a change.


Aside from that I was able to finally clean my studio (well at least walk around it).  My goal at the end of the week is to hook up my TT and other controllers to be able to play and organize all the cables and accessories into their proper bags and cases.  Once this has been completed my goal is to finally walk into my studio and just PLAY!



That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.





 'Terrible Weather, High Spirits'...

September 18th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!


When I walked out to my car early Sunday morning and saw the wet snowflakes coming down I was a little concerned but it did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm as I knew everyone at the 'Hustle for the House' being held by the Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta was going to be chomping at the bit.  Luckily I brought my tarp to cover what gear I didn't need out in the open and the crew brought me a tent to cover my gear with as I played on-stage during the morning.  Playing on the biggest and loudest system to date was amazing and although we were left wanting for sound it was more then enough to get people warmed up and moving in the cold.  Such a great day and I feel lucky to contribute in a small way to help sick kids and their families.

I also locked down a Halloween party doubling as a fundraiser for 'Canadian Blood Services' at Espresso Cafe which is exciting.  With the opportunity to showcase my skills and open up the possibility to play their marketed 'Chill Out' Fridays on a reoccurring basis I am more then a little amped.  I've started prepping my playlist for what I've been advised is an older crowd which totally suits me - because well, lol, I guess I am older now - and my style.  While I won't be bringing any bass reinforcement I'll be packing up the lights and for the first time my projector.  I'm hoping that the glow sticks I purchased a couple weeks back will come in time as it would suit this event perfectly.  The only thing left to figure out is what costume to wear :)

That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 'Full Slate'...

September 11th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!



It's shaping up to be an interesting week as I get prepared to play for the 'Hustle for the House' this Sunday morning.  I've heard that the weather is forecast to be sunny but with a cold front headed for the province on Monday you never know if old man winter is going to make for an early appearance.  Last year I was wearing gloves and a toque (it was that cold)...hopefully the weather stays.  Whatever Sunday brings I'll make it work even if it means just mixing on my phone to bring some energy for the crowd.

I have a client meeting this Thursday as well to do a fundraiser event with possibly some reoccurring work...I guess you might say I might be looking at my first residency which is exciting.  I won't divulge too many details since we're only in initial talks but I have a good feeling that this might open some doors down the road.  
I'll keep it short for this week and hopefully have some exciting news for next week and heck maybe even be finished up my studio :P


That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 House party recap...

September 4th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!



This past Sunday found me ripping it up at a client's 17th birthday party and from all accounts it was a doozy!  I will post a couple short clips from this event just showing the outside of the house and my setup.  I'm honestly just getting my feet wet into video and documenting gigs.  I'm not sure how other bloggers do it but I always find myself so into the gig that I'll forget to take a moment and take some candid shots or video.  I guess the best method is to 'set it and forget it'?

From about 8:30pm to 12:30pm I played a heavy hip-hop set with sprinkles of R&B and even a couple shots of country.  While everyone seemed down to grooving to some oldies I did my best to cater to today's hits along with multiple requests.  I will say that (and I know this quite well) there is soooo much music being put out today that it's impossible to know all the songs out there and it was challenging trying to field some of these requests.  I'm going to be changing up my format going forward in that I'll be upping my account at my BPM Supreme pool to automatically receive the monthly DVDs containing all releases for music and videos.  Along with just being able to search everything at once it will save time and stress searching for songs online at a gig.

On the business side I'll be looking to up my marketing this month and completing that pesky logo for 'Elevate Entertainment'.  I've also narrowed down a deal for a set of twenty battery powered pars.  I'm down to four at the moment and while these ones I'm scoping are limited to RGB the ability to run these units without cables will be fantastic and of course I'll still be able to create various colors and control them via wireless DMX.  I also splurged and ordered sixty glow sticks (I know glow sticks?) but at 50% off I couldn't resist and I see these as being able to generate a good return down the road.  If you didn't catch my Instagram post or my FB post from last week I also copped a DDJ SP1 which made a huge difference in being able to do access functions so much easier while playing on my DB2.

To close it out this week I will say that I really enjoyed myself playing the house party and I find myself with a new level of respect for all the OGs' who played out with vinyl.  I had a few interesting moments with guests bumping into my turntables and other equipment and one young woman who fell over and nearly land on her face and tip over my deck that was playing and have it precariously dangle over the table at a forty-five degree angle.  Ahhh!  Still it was a good time and I look forward to doing awesome events such as these down the road.


That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 Getting out there...

August 21st, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!



Wow!  Summer is almost over, it seems like its barely started.  My studio is in flux again as I've moved it across the floor of my basement into a tiny little corner and wedged much of my PA system and accessories underneath the stairs.  It's almost like there was a plan to move everything over there and that's why I have gotten rid of so much gear these past few months.  It's super cozy in there - dark, but cozy lol - once I move everything off the floor and am able to navigate freely it is going to be super awesome!

Until I can do that though I am playing a charity event this Thursday in support of the RMHSA and Kids Sport at InjaNation...it's an event i did last year and we are looking to do it even bigger and better this year.  Once I have that sorted I can focus my attention on clearing my space, getting all my marketing done in time for fall and then really hitting the streets to hustle.  I'll be sure to take some footage so I can share with you next week or just check out my feed:)


That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

 Find your path...

July 31st, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!



Often were told we have to find our way to reach our destination...but what if your not sure of your destination?  What if everything you've done inevitably leads you in the wrong direction.  I'm reminded of a bit of sage advice from Oprah where she believed that we are all borne to follow a path and when we veer from that path we are eventually guided back.

The point of my abbreviated post today is for us to remember that who we are and eventually are meant to be may take some time.  Eventually you find who you are not so much by what you accomplish but what you also strive and fail to do.  Success without learning isn't as valuable as failing and learning from that experience.

Laugh at yourself with grace and live without hesitation or regret because at the end of the day death is another day closer and a life without working to find your path is not actually living.



That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.

Less is more...

July 24th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!



When I look back at the first setup in my office I remember the excitement in having actual equipment to mix on after so many years of dreaming and saving. 


Two Technics MK5 and a DJM 3000 mixer.


That was it and really that?s all I needed.  The studio migrated from the office to the basement and over the years I?ve added and subtracted gear but my fondness for the bare necessities has never changed.  The studio however ballooned from that original seven-foot table to well over six tables and still that wasn?t enough to hold all the gear I?d accumulated.  Much of it was left covered and taken out only on the odd occasion.


While I was very hesitant at first to let items go these past several months have been very cathartic in shedding much of the studio.  I?ve been up well before dawn these days rearranging and condensing tables.  I?m down to a much more manageable space and reclaimed a decent area of the basement back.  I still have a few pieces to go but it?s been a nice burden to have lifted trying to even consider what to play much less learn all the features.


I?ve had more time to focus on practicing and creating sets and overall have more fun and even doing some scratching.  It?s unleashed more creativity and my passion for playing music again.  I?m very much looking forward to my gig next month and even though I?ve got several plates up in the air with getting Elevated Entertainment up and running it?s fun being back in the (smaller) studio.



That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.


 All In...

July 17th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly blog!


It?s been a great week as I locked down a gig for next month, saw a great show out put on by the crew at EyeThought Records and had an amazing meeting with a friend to catch up and talk business.


I?ll be out playing next month for a charity dodgeball fundraiser that I also played last year.  I?ll look to record and upload the event but keep an eye out as we are looking to get the event put on by a television channel :)

The Peerless show was on point again, always a great lineup with some cool electronic vibes.  I can?t give enough off shout out to all the crews who run local shows like this in YYC.  It?s not easy building something organic and these guys/gals are putting it all out there to bring you tomorrow?s next big things out there for you to enjoy today.


Lastly I met up with a friend who imparted a lot of advice on business and how to succeed.  If I were to take away one thing and it?s nothing new that I haven?t heard before it?s this: 


You must move forward and do the next thing to achieve your goal.  Fail forward, standing still will not get you closer to where you want to be.


That's it for this week until next time make sure to 'Feel the Music'.