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April 19, 2018

Welcome!  My first initial entry to my blog which will be hosted on this website HedSnap.com

I'll be looking to update the blog weekly on Tuesdays and will cover everything on what's going on in my world of DJing/Production and Visuals including other odds and ends.  Oddly enough there are two pieces of information that I'd like to share.  The first is that I'll be looking to brand my DJ services through a new company 'Elevate Entertainment' that will enable me to better distinguish myself to corporate clients, newlyweds and schools.  My services and pricing will be the same on both websites but essentially I'll use HedSnap.com to cater to more private events, lounges, art galleries, etc.  Look for more information on that in the coming weeks.

The second piece of news is that I'm going through a gear cleanse which will serve two purposes.  One is to provide a better service to clients by streamlining my setup and providing better equipment.  Two is from a purely 'waste' standpoint I found that I gravitate towards a few select pieces and in this the others felt ignored and asked that I let a new owner give them proper attention and care lol.

That's it for now, I will see you next week.  Until then make sure to 'Feel the Music'