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Q.  How do I ensure the event of my date is reserved?

A. A retainer of 50% is required (cash, e-transfer only, or credit card) upon contract signing.  The retainer is non-refundable.

Q. When is the balance of the contract due?

A. Payment in full is required one week prior to the event.

Q.  What if the date of my event has moved?

A.  If one week notice is provided then a period of three months from the date of the original event is provided to re-book the event.

Q. My event is running longer then anticipated can I book additional time?

A. Yes, additional time can be purchased in 30 minute increments with payment upfront (cash, e-transfer or credit card).

Q.  I have a fundraiser event, will you play for free?

A.  I offer a reduced rate for fundraisers.

Q.  Do you play outside events?

A. Yes, provided a tent is made available to cover my equipment for the duration of the event and PA equipment is provided or the cost of renting PA equipment for outside use is covered.


Q. How much setup time do you you require?

A. Depending on the setup I prefer to arrive two to three hours prior to the event start up time.

Q. Do you take requests?

A. I am open to requests dependent on the client and their vision for their event.  While I have an extensive collection I may not have the particular song being requested and may choose an alternative version of the song, a different song from the artist, or play another song within that genre.

Q.  Can I play a song from my ipod/phone through your speakers?

A.  On a larger system songs of lower quality and/or those played from devices such as ipods or phones will sound noticeably worse and as such I refrain from allowing guests to play songs in this manner on my PA system.

Q.  Can I play an instrument through your speakers?

A.  Yes, provided the instrument has a TRS, TS, or XLR output I can connect an instrument through my PA system.

Q. Do I need a sub-woofer for my event?

A. A sub-woofer provides additional low end support to emphasize the beat in much of modern dance music.  A deeper fuller sound is evident with a sub at lower volumes then without one helping to protect the hearing of your guests and enabling them to more safely enjoy the music.

Performance and Equipment
Q. Do you use backups?

A. I employ backup systems for sound and lighting.  I also employ a multi-op who have multiple DJs I reserve in the event of an emergency.  I am also part of a collective group of DJs (single operators and multi-ops) that provide emergency DJs to vendors throughout Calgary that I can call on.

Q. How do you dress your system?

A. I utilize professional cases and bags for all of my gear for transport and presentation.  I utilize a combination of 4 and/or 6 foot folding tables covered with either light and dark skirts.  I have a desktop facade and black/white speaker scrims available as well. As for myself I always look to dress in accordance with the event and just a notch below the VIP(s).

Q.  How big is your song database?

A. I typically bring double the amount of music for an event and have access to over 80,000 songs mirrored on multiple hard drives.  My main library generally does not exceed 1,000 songs in active rotation.


Q.  What type of events/venues do you DJ?

A.  Birthday parties, engagement parties, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, kids parties, retirement parties, corporate events, product launches, Christmas parties, new years parties, house parties, art galleries, restaurants, lounges, clubs, resorts, festivals and other special events.

Q.  Do you DJ weddings?

A.  Yes, I do DJ weddings along with engagement parties and anniversaries.  For more information please see ElevateEntertainment.ca.

Q.  Do you provide gobo lighting?

A.  Yes, I provide a standard set of images and at an extra cost the ability to shine a personalized image such as the bride and grooms name.

Q.  Do you have television monitors in your setup?

A.  Yes, I provide two LED televisions as an additional add-on to play visuals, and display images at the client's request.

Q.  Will you act as an MC for my event?

A.  Yes, I will provide MC services.

Q.  Do you mix videos or provide visuals?

A.  I do not mix music videos but can provide visuals that align with the theme of the event and build energy.  I can send my signal to an in-house system provided a link is made available or make them view-able around my booth with televisions/projector.

Q.  Do you provide Karaoke?

A.  No, I do not provide Karaoke, however if it is a requirement to have guest(s) sing at an event that can be managed.

Q.  Do you have a photo-booth available?

A.  Yes, I have a photo-booth available.  For more information please see ElevateEntertainment.ca.

Q.  Do you have a truss setup available?

A.  No, I currently do not have a truss setup.  If your event requires a truss setup I can manage that through a third-party.

Q.  What is this add-on for guest/host messaging and social media?

A.  It allows guests to text and/or send via social media messages such as pictures and videos to monitors.  Hosts can also use it to display slideshows and other messages to guests.  Requests can also be made to HedSnap in this manner.