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I am an active supporter of causes that support sick, disadvantaged, at risk or exploited young kids or youth.  

My charity of choice is the Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta with which I have been involved with since 2011.  In 2014 I became an active volunteer at the House and am now the official DJ for signature events such as 'Hustle for the House' and the 'Taste of Home'.  During that time I launched 'Kids Kuts & Skratches which is a monthly session I share my passion for music by inviting kids to try their hand at DJing and play some music for their families.  For the short time I am there it helps to put a smile on their faces and have some fun dancing and sharing in some laughs. 

I am open to discussing DJing charitable events at a reduced rate which have a demonstrated history of giving back to the community and in particular kids and youth.